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You probably gonna watch this funny video 10 times in a row

Selfie horse

Horses are magnificent creatures with both advantages and disadvantages. With their blunders and rights. With their splendor and ugliness. There are also horses like this one in this video. A horse who believes it’s part of the photos and makes sure they’re excellent.

selfie horse

What is happening?

Some cameras are attempting to film something in a horse stable. Everything is set up, and the cameraman is ready to capture what he came for. Everything was well until a horse reached the camera’s scope. This could hardly be overlooked by those present.

the selfie horse

“How do we look?”

What would you do if you were at work and a horse approached your head?
The cameraman did not stop working, but instead fought to hold back his laughs and continued. This, however, was not an option for the horse. He continued taunting the cameraman by grabbing his ears. It  started pretending to bite him. But that didn’t bother the cameraman.
Normally, I would chuckle at such a scenario. Whether I was the cameraman or anybody. You don’t usually No  see a horse who craves attention to the point of annoying your ears.

The voice over:

These films may be altered in a variety of ways, including adding voice over. In this example, it’s fairly amusing, but we could add additional.
And, once again, I’m puzzled as to how the cameraman managed to keep working even after he began pushing the horse with his head.
So, how about you?


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