This Horse Loves the Snow. Now Watch the Dog Prove He Loves It Even More!


Hey guys it is wintertime. I know that winter means harsh weather, cold temperatures, lots of rain, but we have to appreciate winter because of SNOW. We get to play with snow only in wintertime, so we have to be excited that that time of the year is here already! Isn’t it amazing to see how everyone loves snow. When I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE; children, adults, pets, animals! You will see in this video how much this horse loves to play with the snow, but apparently not as much as this dog does.  

Looks like mommy decided to give her children a break, and let them go wild outside. To me seems like they are in a farm, and everything looks just gorgeous. Everything is covered in white, and actually it is very foggy! Well the video starts with the horse. It looks really in love with the view because he has frozen. Then a couple of seconds latter, you will see his brother, the dog. Differently from the horse, this dog can’t hide his feelings. He feels so happy that snow season is here already, and he starts making snow-angles already. Once the horse sees his/her sibling, he/she decides to go ahead and enjoy the snow also.

It is really beautiful to see ho much they actually enjoy it. They try to get the best out of it, while playing and feeling it in their skin. Sounds pretty amazing to have a farm, a horse, and a dog. And sounds even more beautiful to experience things like this live. I mean some people are way to lucky to build a life like that. We all should aim to build a life that makes us happy. Happiness is all that really matters! For more information watch the beautiful video below!