Smooth Playful Horse Intends To Be A Trick Horse

We know that horses are playful and they can get distracted even by the most insignificant to our eyes, but to them it might be quite attractive. Once they go for it there is nothing and no one that can stop them. Foals and ponies do the same thing, if not more.

They don’t only entertain themselves but also people who see and watch them as they frolic, prance, and run around like crazy. There are times when you might think ‘Is it worth to put him/her under saddle?’, but that thought vanishes away as soon as they are grown enough to be put under saddle.

What you are going to watch in this video is a colt who is just enjoying his time and entertaining himself while playing and bouncing around holding that thing in his mouth and swinging it as hard as he can. He is enjoying himself and at the same time showing off his skills in front of the camera. This adorable colt is so adorable and amazes us with his athletic abilities. Watch the video!

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