Smart Friesian Knows How To Attract Owner’s Attention

When horses want to do something they will definitely find a way to do that and get what they want. They are so creative that they can make up all sorts of things and find so many ways just that you pay some attention to them.

Some horses will kick the stall door to show that they need something, some make holes on the ground with their hooves, some kick the bucket in the stall, and then there is this smart Friesian who is different from the others and has his own way of attracting your attention. What this Friesian does is simply funny and cute.

The video was posted on Instagram by ‘Cozyfieldsfarm’ and got thousands of views and comments. People had different opinions on this as some considered it to be abuse and others saw it as funny. What do you think about this? Watch the video and share your opinions with us!

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