Rare White Thoroughbred Foal Born At Patchen Wilkes Farm In Kentucky Stands Out Among The Others

White thoroughbreds are really rare but it looks like that Patchen Wilkes Farm in Kentucky is specialized in breeding them. This farm has become well-known over the years and the newest filly descends from a line of white mares along her dam’s side.

Even though it was the 13th white foal since 1995 the farm manager Barry Ezrine was one of the most modest at the farm. “If you have white mares, you are going to have white foals,” Ezrine said. “I would think it would be more unusual if you didn’t have a white mare to have a white foal.” Suggestions about the name were coming from all around the world but thy have decided that they will leave it up to the one who buys it.

This is the first foal of Beautiful Devil and even though the foal had some gastrointestinal problems, it is doing just fine now and it is in perfect health conditions. The mare shows to have natural mother instincts and she is always in check of her baby foal. Watch the video!

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