Protect Horses From Soring


From the outside it all looks fine and peaceful in Whitter stables in Collierville. but after some undercover investigations it turns out that on the other side of the barn doors there is a history of alleged abuse.

A video was released today, where Jackie McConnell a prominent horse trainer, was applying a caustic chemicals to horse’s ankles. After that he just wrapes their feet so that the chemicals could eat into the skin- this is the so-called process of soring.

Dr.Becky Ellis, a veterinarian, said that after applying the chemical, they put some waited chains and that thing it’s rubbing and damaging the skin, so when the horses start to step and walk they feel extreme pain.

The thing is that, they are doing such things to the horses just to gather more trophies, as Trey Densford said, the problem is that if trainers have enough time and a good horse they won’t need to sore them. But, because they get like 20 horses in their barn, they don’t have time to walk them around and take care of them properly, so they do this cruel process to them. They only care about their interest and the money, adds Densford.

Nowadays, many horse shows no longer support walking horse competitions, just to avoid the process of soring. Some of the shows organizers just hire vets who first exame the horses to see if there is some injury.

At one horse show a vet noticed two horses with scarring and those were McConnell’s horses. He’s been accused at least four times for animal abuse and was under suspension. we tryied to talk to his lawyer, but he was not available.