Owner Puts A Camera In The Stall To See The Horse Outsmarting Her

Horses don’t stop surprising us time and again as they do things that we can’t think about. They have proven us many times that they are intelligent creatures and still go on showing us that they can do things without our instructions or without our help. It’s amazing how they can communicate with us through body language and how they can understand us through our body language. When they are properly trained and loved unconditionally they are ready to do the impossible for us.

There are times when they really surprise us with their actions and the horse in the video simply outsmarts its owner showing us that he is a really smart horse. The horse in the video just waits for the owner to leave the stall and then do what he has in his mind and it’s amazing how he waits patiently until the owner is out of sight. Maybe, we have seen other horses do the same thing as this horse but what makes the video special is the way he behaves.

He seems calm and having no intention to do anything while the owner is around but when the owner leaves he turns out to be such a smart horse. After he unties himself he goes straight to the camera. He probably doesn’t know what a camera is but as horses are really curious they want to explore everything around them. Like a good movie, just when I thought it was over, along comes the “I’ll fix this too” and he knocks the camera over. Watch the video for more!

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