Minors Should Wear Helmet While Barrel Racing

Minors Should Wear Helmet While Barrel Racing


We met Chayni Chamberlain for the first time, when she was 9 years old. She caught our attention while she was competing for 1 Million Dollars, showing her amazing skills as a rider, owning a horse that we can only have in our dreams.

Along with her team she seems unstoppable, because they are constantly doing a great job together. That’s why we are her fans for a lifetime. She is a great team with her horse known as Dat Flowingbunny (FlowJo).

But one thing scares us and many people agree with that as we could read from the youtube comments. The thing is that Chayni is not wearing a helmet. So, share your opinion with us. The question is, if minors should wear a helmet while barrel racing.

It’s a not a question of Chayni’s abilities or talent, we all know that she is perfect in what she does, but it’s for her safety!

  • ShilohKB

    Country people have more sense and attachment to their freedom, so the helmet thing hasn’t been legislated there. Hurray ! Before you know it we will all be required to do virtual things in a Google Goggle / Wii world….because safety first !!! “Oh but it is a child ! “…Yes and if you don’t pack a child in a bubble as they grow up they might become mindful adults with common sense. Maybe they won’t step in the street or pull out in front of oncoming vehicles, they will have learned to be aware of their surroundings and consequences if they are not attentive.
    If a parent chooses to put a helmet on their child, fine, but giving the government the power to make decisions for us is why we are falling so fast. Think about it…..Overwhelming numbers of city folk could as easily decide big unpredictable horses aren’t safe at all and you aren’t allowed to ride until you are 16 with a permit and supervised by someone over 21…..because …..child safety !!!!

  • Penelope L. Penderhausen

    I believe it is up to the parents to decide. I wear a helmet, my daughter wears a helmet and the granddaughters (ages 10-12) aren’t allowed on a horse without a helmet. Why? The only man my daughter ever knew as a father suffered from a traumatic closed head brain injury (work related, not horse related). It changed all of our lives, it happened in a split second and living with that it just makes sense to take an easy precaution to keep it from happening. What Chayni’s parents decide is up to them, they need to know the decision they make is one they will have to live with should, God forbid, anything go wrong. A good helmet is under $100 and can save a life and a brain from permanent injury.