Horses Having Fun As They Body-Sled Down A Grassy Hill

When we were children we just loved sliding down a hill using different items such as metal saucers or cardboard boxes. No one could describe our joy when it was snowing because we knew we would have fun sledding by taking it in turns to pull the sled.

But it looks like we are not the only ones who enjoy sliding because the herd of horses you are going to watch in the video enjoy themselves while sliding around on the grass and body-sledding down the grassy hill. The video was captured on Cape Toi, Japan as four big horses roll on their backs and start sliding while a baffled foal watches from the side. As we watch the video we clearly see that horses take great pleasure in doing what they are doing as they hang out together and soak up the summer sun.

Maybe, they are also trying to scratch their backs, have a sliding race down the hill, or perhaps rid themselves of irritating flies. Whatever it is, this video just makes our day and puts a smile on our faces, and we know that horses can always do that. Watch and enjoy!

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