Horse Is Riding Shotgun, Because He’s Got Places To Go And People To See!


(Disclaimer: We are not promoting this method of transportation for a horse, this is simply an entertaining video we’d like to share with you. No horses were harmed in any way at all whatsoever in the making of this.)

Okay, so when you’ve gotta take your horse to and fro, you load them up in the back of your horse trailer, right? Well, this person decided he didn’t need to do that, because it was only a short distance and his horse could have a better seat, and didn’t need to stand… even though we all know that horses don’t mind standing. (I mean, they obviously can even sleep standing up!) So when these drivers were passing by, they witnessed a truly extraordinary sight. I’m pretty sure you caught the gist of it given the title, so let’s just go ahead and dive right in:  

  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen anything like that before!! Kinda makes me wonder though, did he have his seatbelt on?
For some reason, I remember the old Grey Poupon commercials when I see this–that horse looks so debonair! Share this silly video with your horse lover friends!