First Horse Ever Ride Across A Glass Walkway

What you are going to watch in this video is unique because no other owner or rider, no matter how strong their relationship with the horse could be, would try it. Let’s imagine somebody who is afraid of heights and take him to the Glacier Skywalk at Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada. It isn’t the best place to be, is it? But what about horses who are so easily spooked?

This is what the Canadian trainer David Cowley does with his horse. He takes it in a unique ultimate test of trust riding it 918 feet above the valley floor on the Glacier Skywalk for the first and possibly only time this will ever happen. This surely is a mood for adventure but it also shows a very trusting relationship between rider and horse. “What I’m hoping for out of this experience is that people who are learning about it for the first time can realize the potential of a relationship that can be built between horse and rider,” Cowley says in the video.

We know that this is about total trust and connection between two hearts as one but very few of us would put a horse through that. The horse is really well-trained but I just wonder what is going on in the horse’s mind as he walks and looks down. What do you think about this? Watch the video and share your opinions with us!

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