Cavalia Odysseo Show Featuring Horses Takes You On A Journey To Another World

Cavalia Odysseo is poetry in motion, a unique and magical theatrical production that marries the equestrian arts and stage arts at never-before-seen levels. It’s an epic journey into a dreamlike world by this breathtaking extravaganza featuring 70 magnificent horses and 50 talented riders, acrobats, dancers, and musicians.

Deploying their extraordinary talents, Cavalia Odysseo’s acrobats interact with the horses and the audience and perform using a unique combination of force and sensitivity, while live musicians and vocalists immerse spectators of all ages in an enchanting, unforgettable multi-sensory experience they will remember forever.

The show looks just like pure magic and there are times you think you are in a dream and you don’t want to wake up. As much as it is real the best part of it that the horses are loved and respected as much as an individual taking part in the show. Horses are considered to be a member of a big family and are equally loved as humans are. Watch the magic of Cavalia!

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