“Born To Die”: The Nurse Mare Foals Of Last Chance Corral

The video description of the clip you are going to watch reads, “This is a short promotional video about Last Chance Corral in Athens, Ohio. Its purpose is to promote a Kickstarter campaign to expand the story, develop high-end production quality and to get the work out through film festivals and broadcasts.

This documentary will reveal the cruel secret that some in the thoroughbred breeding industry don’t like to acknowledge or talk about: Every year during the breeding season, hours-old, non-pedigreed foals are taken from their mothers, whose job is to be a nurse mare to a thoroughbred baby while the thoroughbred mare is rebred.”

Nurse mare foals are born to mothers that are bred solely for milk production. Mares of different breeds but many times larger breeds such as drafts are bred by nurse mare farmers. After foaling, the mares are leased to a farm, typically a farm involved with the various race industries. They become a mother for a more “expensive” foal. What about their biological foals? Many are left at the mercy of fate and many of them die or they are killed or sent to slaughterhouses.

Over the last couple of years, awareness of this industry has increased and there are more rescues than ever devoted to these helpless foals but this is not enough. Overbreeding of all horses, in general, has become an issue recently. With the closing of all of the slaughter plants in the US, we are about to see more abuse and neglect. Horse rescues alone cannot support all of the nurse mare foals not to mention the PMU foals, retired racers etc. Watch the video and please share it with your friends!

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