Amazing Photographer Turns Your Horse Photos Into Fantasies


At some point in our lives, every equestrian has dreamed of riding our horse through an enchanted forest, snow-capped mountain peak or majestic castle. Maybe you wished every day that unicorns or pesgasi were real. Professional photographer Jamie Mammano can give you a truly unique work of art that features you and your horse inside the fairy tail of your dreams. And all it takes is a simple photo.

Entirely self-taught, Mammano has been working in photography since 2010. She works almost exclusively with horses, though she loves to work with any animal.

“I enjoy any creature that has a sunny, spirited disposition, with owners (or pet parents) to match,” she told iHeartHorses.

Since childhood, she has worked with many types of art forms, from pencil drawings to Polymer Clay. She uses her very vivid imagination, as well as inspiration from the world around her, to create her art.

“People love their pets and their lives, but sometimes, they long to see the fantasy version. This is where artists like myself come in,” she explains. “The art I create is referred to as a ‘Composite’, where we take many, many elements (images, lighting, digital painting, etc.) and bring them together to create a work of art. It takes time and can be a challenge, as no two images are alike.”

While it is easier for her to use photos she has taken as a base, she can use any image that is high resolution and clear. She said she has even used cell phone images in the past, but many times they can’t be used because they are too small and/or not as crisp and sharp as she would like. She says the best are files of 500kb, or when possible, the original jpg (or RAW file).

Image source: Jamie Mammano

Image source: Jamie Mammano