You’ll Never Believe Who’s Been Letting Horses Loose in This Barn


While many horses are content to stay in their stalls or paddocks, every once in a while you come across a horse who is a true escape artist. Escape artist horses can challenge even the best stall latches, padlocks, and chains.

The horse in this video is clearly a master of escaping just about anything. He very deliberately unlatches his stall door, and then proceeds to unlatch the stalls of his buddies. When he’s placed in a stall with a different type of latch, it takes him a few moments longer but he manages to open that stall, too. A quick exploration to the tack room, through the feed bin, and finally out the barn door and this horse has what he wants – complete and total freedom.
While it’s certainly fun to watch this horse work the latches and doors so easily, his talents can create headaches for his caretakers, along with potential safety issues. According to, horses try to escape their stalls for a number of reasons. Horses may try to leave their stalls in order to be closer to other horses, due to their natural herd instincts. Other horses may play with their stalls due to excess energy, and then will pursue exploring their surroundings. 
If you have an escapee in your barn, it’s important to find a way to keep him safely contained. Loose horses can get into trouble and may put their health at risk. Adding on additional stall latches, using different latch types, and keeping the top stall door closed can help to deter an escape artist’s attempts.