World Record – The Highest Horse Jump


Since the age of 4 when Irish local Susan Oakes first began riding aside on her jackass, Rosie, she has been increasing current standards for herself, truly. Oakes as of now holds the sidesaddle world record over the puissance divider (6’8″) and the triple bar (6’5″). A self-broadcasted thrill seeker who appreciates pushing her points of confinement, Oakes contends in steeplechase hustling and demonstrate hopping. She additionally fox chases and plays polo, both aside and with on leg on each side of. “[Steeplechase] dashing keeps my adrenaline up,” says Oakes. “I race each end of the week. I’ve additionally done sky plunging and a portion of the greatest bungee hops on the planet.”

While Oakes keeps her eyes set on the stars, she has as of now observed some she had always wanted to be worked out as expected. “[Most memorable] was riding sidesaddle in the U.S. at the main race at the Cheshire Point to Point in Pennsylvania,” says Oakes. “I had been wiped out for the past two years with an invulnerable infection, and it was my first real rivalry back. It was a blessing from heaven since I’d for a long while been itching to ride aside in the U.S.”

Not with standing breaking a few vertebrae in her lower back quite a long while prior hasn’t kept Oakes from the seat. “It was the least difficult fall I’ve ever had,” she clarifies. “My sister was riding with me, and her stallion took off thus mined. Also, I just slid to the side—a truly moderate movement fall. When I hit the ground, I had no inclination from my midsection down.”