Will You Remember the Most Special Moments with Your Horse?


Riding horses is full of amazing memories, but some of the most special moments are those that don’t immediately stand out.

When you spend your life riding horses, certain moments will stand out to you. Maybe it’s your first major win at a horse show, or the first time you jumped an oxer. But chances are the most special moments to you are the quieter ones where it’s just you and your horse.

These moments, like when your horse whinnies after spotting you at the pasture gate, or how it feels to ride him bareback in the fields at the end of a summer day, are the ones that we should really cherish.

This video beautifully captures the special moments between horse and rider. Here are the little details – the touch of a rein, the breeze through a mane – that mean so much to us, especially when they’re gone. Sit back, relax, and watch this entrancing video.