WATCH: Young Woman Smacks Police Horse, Doesn’t Anticipate Horse’s Response


Women runs up and slaps police horse and receives a drop kick from it.
This was in Kingston Ontario. The woman and two men have been arrested and charged!
Now there is instant justice, I think she actually got away fairly lightly. One kick from a horse can kill. I don`t think these guys understand the extent of a kick from a horse, to put it in simple words a kick from a person to the face can knock you unconscious and if you hit your head on the concrete hard enough, you might die, if you get kicked in the stomach and break a bone and the bone pierces through the organ, you can bleed out. Now imagine getting kicked by a horse to the head or stomach, it’s like a kickboxing champion’s kick times 5. Im surprised the girl is even standing or alive, touched by an angel i presume. WATCH VIDEO BELOW