WATCH THIS Inspirational Story, Incredible Woman Takes Care Of Tossed Aside Foals!


Nurse Mare Foals is how they call the foals from the video footage beneath this text. This story will probably shock the horse lovers!

The Nurse Mare Foals are born to die. Why? Because the mare gives birth of them in order to produce milk. But that milk is not for her babies, it is used for thoroughbred baby in case of need, for example, if the baby loses its mother. The mare gets another adopted baby, and her own baby is putted away from her.

The Last Chance Corral Horse Rescue, Athens, Ohio has been established by a great horse lover, Victoria Goss, and her idea was to take care of those tossed aside foals. She found out about this baby horses 18 years ago and since then she gives her best to give them a chance to live.

Victoria is doing everything to find them a proper home, and until then she takes care of them by learning them how to drink milk replacement. As she told her goal is to help them and make a difference, because they deserve to be loved. Give support to animals!
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