Watch What Happens When A Horse And A Dog Meet Within The Street. So Amazing!


It’s so rare to come across a bonding, in which animals from different species are involved. Whenever we come across one, everything about it is so adorable.

Many believe cats and dogs were not meant to be friends, but once you meet Jasper the cat and Bow-z the dog, that theory will be no longer be in your mind. There are also cases in which dogs and birds have become buddies.

This video features one passerby’s French bully dog and one horse belonging to a police officer that works within New York City.

The horse was towering over the hesitant dog. With time, the dog couldn’t resist and started jumping all over while putting his face closer to that of the horse. The horse didn’t mind whatever the dog was doing and kept getting closer.

Then at 1:30 things go to another level!

The way the two were relating made some crowd to gather around them and one person was seen taking photos. The two became friends all of a sudden.

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