(Video) A visit to Last Chance Corral Foal Rescue


If you want to bring life back into focus, to feel more grounded, to know what is important and help someone else, I highly suggest volunteering at Last Chance Corral in Athens, Ohio.
In a barn on a hill you can surround yourself with life and death challenges that will remind you that life is truly a gift. There is work for anyone from mixing milk or cleaning stalls to washing foal bottoms or simply sitting and giving much needed love.
And that may have been the biggest take away I got from my recent visit to Last Chance Corral; food and care are needed but LOVE should not be underestimated. Many of the foals are sad or depressed…something that cannot be explained but must be felt.
All the foals I have been around before Last Chance Corral have been secure in their knowledge of who they were because of their mothers. At Last Chance Corral this knowledge of security and love must come from the humans and amazingly the foals respond.
This video is only a glimpse into my stay at Last Chance Corral. Spread the word…it might just help to save a life.

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