(VIDEO) Happy Family Have Fun While Prepares His Horse For The Show!


Horses are fantastic and brilliant creatures that allow us many things. So when we did something with love, nothing is complicated and this video shows us exactly that.

In the world, there are still real people who sincerely love horses. One of them is Justin Dunn a professional horse trainer/clinician.

Justin’s specialty is in helping people and horses build their relationship. He helps people improve themselves so that their horse can be better, too. Life improvement for both the individual and the horse. Justin wants to help people understand horses, and horses understand people.

The video below shows us how looks one ordinary day when Justin trains one of his horses. This time he has a little help from his daughter Emma 🙂

Justin, Emma and the horse called Cinnamon spend one beautiful day in practice for the show. Justin explains that is Cinnamon first day of bridle less practice and she did wonderfully!

They have so much fun! Cinnamon is truly an amazing horse <3 Justin wrote on Facebook that his whole family loves Cinnamon: “She is very smart, loving, and part of the family……..she is a natural horse in a human world. Cinnamon lives on 1,000 acres with my other 13 horses. I can catch her after 3-4 months of no human contact, load her in the trailer and ride her anywhere with minimal prep. This video, was her second ride in 3 months.” If you like the story, please SHARE it with your friends!