(VIDEO) Gorgeous and Amazing – Riding Stunt Horse!


Friesian Crosses are indeed breathtaking horses. They can be any color, type, or size. They tend to maintain some of the characteristics of the Friesian (such as the temperament, long manes, and feathering) and often inherit some of the flashier movement of the Friesian. They are popular for a variety of uses, including dressage, eventing, and driving, as well as family and pleasure horses.

We enjoyed this video and watching the training of this horse. Very sweet horse <3 If you ever have a chance to ride a Friesians, you will see that the head carriage and movement are natural for this breed. This horse has excellent confirmation, and he is just absolutely marvelous! The video below is a beautiful footage of one Friesian that is just gorgeous! If you like the story, please SHARE it with your frien