(VIDEO) Annoying Toddler and Cute Foal!


The video below is a pure example of absolutely unacceptable behavior!

The goal is cute, but really if it is newborn, it should be with its mother. Also the foal nearly kicked the younger one, so the parents should be a little bit more cautious.

That foal is giving all the signals for the toddler to back off. We believe that this foal was confused!

There was constant pressure on the foal, and it didn’t know how to get release from the pressure so it kicked out and it could have kicked the toddler in the head multiple times throughout this video 🙁

Remember it may be a foal but it can still cause a lot of damage and may kill the toddler!

That is not friendly behavior, that is dominating and dangerous behavior. Why do people that know nothing about horse behavior horses? The newborn foal should be with his mother!

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