From Tiny Moves to Track Life


Thoroughbred foals take to running in the first few hours of their lives. It is no surprise that their early affinity for speed inspires the sport of kings upon the human playground. More than 20,000 thoroughbred foals are born every year, according to The Jockey Club’s Annual North America Registered Foal Crop. Only a little over a quarter of the foals will make it to the racetrack, but you couldn’t tell by their first few months of playful behavior. Watch the video below as this young foal performs an elegant dance across the paddock on the tiniest, most dangly legs, mother overseeing the show with her own magnetic maneuvers.
Thoroughbred foals have no aspirations for their future and no idea they are destined to become prestigious athletes. A healthy foal will stand within one hour after birth, according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners. The world is big and bright after foals take their first wobbly steps, and they seek to explore it all. One step leads to two, and soon they are off, running, as free as the wild mustangs that still inhabit scarce parts of the American West.

A visit to Lexington, Kentucky, will satisfy any horse desire with its endless miles of luscious, rolling bluegrass fields filled with these adorable, gallivanting youngsters! The horse capital of the world, Kentucky is especially known for thoroughbred breeding, where its mares give birth to about 36 percent of the total North American foal population, according to the Jockey Club’s 2016 Kentucky Fact Book. But for those who have yet to visit this magical place, watch the video below for a dose of heart-warming cuteness. Be sure to share it with your friends!