This Tiny Horse Was Ignored By The Others… Until Mom Did Something AWESOME


I just love it when they make commercials with animals. Somehow this Amazon Prime TV commercial made me feel so happy. I just like to think that some people still think of animals as one of the happiest, and most precious blessings our world has. If you haven’t seen this commercial before, then trust me you will just fall in love with the tiny horse they have used as the main character. The reason they took the little tiny horse for this commercial was to make it look more hear-breaking that it would be with a regular horse.
We all just have to admit that animals look really precious, and delightful when they are still tinny and young and little. Maybe it is the thought that a tiny horse, or this tiny horse, would make everyone fall in love with his cuteness, his appearance and so on. So the first moment we see the reaction of the other horses towards this little tiny one, we can’t hide our sad feelings. When I first saw the commercial I thought; How can something like this little tiny horse, which is so precious and cute, could be rejected from the other horses? But then I remembered that it was just a commercial, and the story had to go on that direction otherwise it wouldn’t happen, what actually happens.
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