Testing Out A Sweet Little Mountain Horse Who Likes To Buck


That “Sweet Little Mountain Horse” from the video below was put on a test. Ranchel Bonine  has an amazing seat is all that we can think of while watching the video footage. She lost her stirrups when the horse started bucking uncontrollably, but manage to hung on tight.

It seems that she was ready for the bucks, according to her leg position and body. She did get a little mad, so you might want to turn off the volume at the end of the video.

Good Friend Rachel Bonine testing out a sweet little Mountain horse!! LOL!! Dang she lost her stirrups, but hung tight!! She did get a little mad so plug ears if needed!! Sorry! If you like this video, please give Extreme Desire a like!! Kryptek Outdoor Group Kifaru, International MTN OPS Extreme Desire

Posted by Randy Yow on Saturday, February 11, 2017