She Stood On The Horse And Got Me Gasping. What Came Next Got Me Amazed!


I’ve never watched such an amazing video before. It blew me away!

I have watched a horse dance to the song “Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus or the same animal shaking it for a nail polish ad, but that’s the closest I ever got to seeing something like this.

They can do all other tricks, but when a horse and a human team up to do something like this, the result gives me a surprised look. This animal in the video is so calm that you might even wonder if he really knows what it’s all about.

What the horse does in this clip almost got me falling off my seat.

In ancient Rome, gaming competitors would often display their expertise while on the back of a horse, and the sport was known as “equestrian vaulting.” Watching this clip, I decided that this game had another unique approach.

See this clip and be amazed as one of the best competitors on the planet flaunts her expertise in equestrian vaulting. This is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen. By the time it hits the last mark, this video will have gotten the better of you in astonishment and disbelief!
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