He Spots 2 Horses On The Far Side Of A River, But Keep Your Eyes On The Woods Behind Them


Witnessing animals happily living in their natural habitat is becoming something of a rarity. With forests getting leveled in favor of housing or retail space, and pollution levels rising and driving animals seeking refuge further away… it’s just not as common to spot animals out in the wild. But when you do finally see one? What a gift! There’s simply nothing like it.
I’m lucky enough that my parents live in a wooded area, and I do get to see deer and wild turkey roaming around in our backyard. It’s always such a treat to come home from the city and immerse myself in nature. Everyone should make a point to find time to travel away from developed areas as a reminder that we need to be more aware of our planet, and how magical it can be if we only take care of it.
This lucky person in Carova Beach, NC, was able to witness a herd of wild horses enjoying a lazy afternoon. He’s sure to not make any sudden movements or noises, as to not scare them away. At first, there is just one horse, but as time goes on… Where are they all coming from?! This is truly a moment out of a fairy tale, and one that this person will surely not soon forget.