She’s Giving An Interview About The Newborn Horse. Wait Till You See Him Up Close….


This little guy is beyond adorable by the way! Watching him romp around the field, in what can only be described as what appears to be the same type of playful attitude seen in puppies will warm the heart and put a smile on the face of every viewer. Boston spends his nights in the Grenier home and will continue to for two three more weeks.

He still has to be bottle fed but is warming up to the idea of drinking his milk from a bucket. Once the nights are warmer and he is willing and able to drink milk from the bucket, Boston will be introduced to the other horses and start residing in the barn.
Lucille said it is important for Boston to be introduced to the other horses as soon as possible, but for now he seems to be doing quite well living as a family member of the house. He knows where his food comes from as is evident by the adorable way he is right on his foster mommy’s heels as she is walking towards the house with his bottle in hand.

Boston is a fuzzy little grey-black ball or fun and if you are in need of a virtual hug and a smile for your heart this video will meet that need. You cannot watch this charming and cute mini-horse called Boston without feeling a warm fuzzy tug at your heart. Be sure to share Boston’s video with many and often, because this kind of adorableness just must be shared!