She Reunites A Horse With His Long Lost Friend. Now Watch The Horse In Red…Wow


Do horses have a long memory? Do they remember past horses or people? This question will get answered right now and you may need a tissue.

Sue is a responsible horse owner that loves and cherishes her babies. Years ago she was going through a time where she didn’t have the time to take care of all of them and ended up selling her horse Arthur – something that was best for the horse but heartbreaking for Sue. It was very hard.

Years later, Sue was given the opportunity to purchase Author back – something she jumped at. The neat part was that she still had Author’s playmates from when they were young foals. These horses had spent a lot of time playing together early on in their lives.

Sue didn’t know what the reaction would be putting these long lost friend together. It had been many years – would they still have the fond memories of playing in the fields, spending countless hours roaming the pasture? Would they even get along?

To make it the most memorable possible, Sue set up a reunion in the very field they had played together when they were young. She had a filmmaker document the entire thing from the walk up to the field to the initial introduction.

Just wait till you see this… Keep your eye on the horse in red. 🙂