She Gets Down Next To A Horse On The Ground. This Will Take Your Breath Away.


In the following video you will see how people are made whole by reconnecting with nature. Everything we need to be healed and whole is provided for us in nature. Man has somehow moved away from their brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom and in the process has lost their way.

Equinisity Retreat is the perfect place to reclaim our place in the animal kingdom. As we communicate with the horses that roam free and allow the peacefulness of our natural habitat reclaim our souls we find something amazing. When man removes themselves as a controller of or a threat to animals such as horses and cattle, they naturally allow us room in their world.

Cuddling and lying on the beautiful grass with these beautiful animals allows our spirit to renew itself. We discover the natural ability to be at peace just as the animals are.

Animals have a natural instinct that warns them of danger. Perhaps the very presence of humans signals the alarm in animals. Other than humans, no other species on the planet invites confusion, stress and drama into their personal space.

Stepping away from modern society and back to the days of old when earth, life and spirit were nurtured and appreciated sparks a part of us that we sometimes did not know we possessed. He free roaming horses inhabit that plane and welcome us with respect and companionship. Where else on the planet can man become so at one with the animal kingdom that these mighty beasts let down their guard? Perhaps they draw our heart and spirit to them. Perhaps they instinctively know we need them and we are not there to harm them.

One does not have to be a horse lover to take advantage of the horse therapy offered at Equinisity Retreat. The animals are so accepting and they seem to have a desire to heal and restore us.

Equinisity Retreat I a unique and exciting therapy ranch located in Canada. The retreat is more than 300 acres of natural woodlands, meadows and lakes. The herds that live at the retreat are untainted by human-kind. They do not fear humans and consider their guests as part of the herd. The crews are professional horse trainers and handlers and are experts at bonding the horse with humankind. Personal, inspirational and spiritual guidance is provided to allow a person to find their own trail in life and to reconnect with their personal journey. People learn to communicate with these beautiful horses with body language. They ride and move within the herd naturally.

After experiencing the retreat people rediscover their dreams and desire that though dormant, are deep within the heart and mind.