Robin Hasta Luego, Galloping Master!


On the off chances is that this lovely video shot from an elevated automaton doesn’t persuade you that Lorenzo is some kind of magical steed wizard, we can’t generally help you any further. Lorenzo (full name “the Flying Frenchman”) reliably floors swarms at expos and occasions everywhere throughout the world with his faultlessly prepared group of dark stallions, his veritable gymnastics in hopping two, four or six steeds all the while on long reins (as he stands on the last combine) and displaying the stunning affinity he and his crowd have assembled together.
Regardless of whether you’ve seen Lorenzo’s aptitudes face to face, or just through video, this automaton cam complements the way that what Lorenzo does with his stallions is really a masterpiece. In this video, you will see what this guy is capable of doing. This is incredible trust between Hasta Luego and Lorenzo