Rider And Horse Get Hit By A Car At Night. That’s When She Comes Up With The Most Brilliant Idea…


Riding horses have risks when riding in the wild, but when you are in urban environments, where cars are present, those risks are increased greatly.

Such was the case for Sami Gros. Her horse and friend were involved in a bad accident.

Sami recounts the event:

“Seven years ago my horse and my friend were struck by a car and that moment impressed upon me that equine safety needed to take a step forward.”
This caused Sami to come up with a new creation in regards to safety gear and horses. She felt what was available out there now was not satisfactory and that a system could be developed where drivers would be alerted of horses on the road.

These are called, appropriately, “Tail Lights.” They attach to the horse’s tail and to their fronts. They illuminate brightly and they use simple LED lights.