Practice Clicker Training With Your Horse And Be Safe From Zombies


Be safe and watch this video where Sarah and her attack horse named Uther are showing you how to prepare for the combat with zombies. According to our culture at this moment zombies are society’s biggest threat. So, when they start the attack you must be ready so that they won’t break in your lovely home. You must hide all the food in a safe place and what’s more important is to train your horse by using clicker training techniques and teach him to aim in the head of the zombie!Listen carefully to Sarah’s tips before the zombies knock on your door in the upcoming apocalypse! While doing this training it’s very important that your horse is motivated and that he loves his job. You must not give sharp objects to your horse in order to defend you, because they might hurt themselves or you instead of zombies. Horses are well known for having lousy aims and that’s why you gotta stick to blunt objects during the whole process.