One With The Herd Teaser Gives Us A Glimps Into An Equinisity Retreat


One With The Herd is a movie which takes viewers on what the makers describe as a “spiritual journey.” It majorly consists of nature’s energy; how it affects people and how people may interact with, use and change said energy. In this particular movie, the energy in question which is primarily focused on revolves around that of animals – horses, to be more specific. Unlike many documentaries; however, the methods in the following video aren’t out of reach to the majority of people.

In the video, we get a glimpse into an Equinisity Retreat, a retreat based in Canada which is said to offer spiritual healing to its visitors through connecting with the energies found throughout nature and in horses. While mileage may vary, many walk away from these retreats feeling happy, refreshed and at peace.

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