What This Man Does To His Horse Will Blow Your Mind!


The video below will present you a horse trainer that really knows how to do his job! His ability to connect with the animal comes from his love for this beautiful creatures. After watching the video we admit that this man is a really successful trainer that spended hours and hours to train this horses.

He made a real show with the animals that he loves, probably he had them since they were foals, because we can see the pure connection that he has with them without using any kind of force. After all, it’s all about the trust. People who didn’ t have any contact with horses might think that this is an easy thing to do, it’s just a horse, but be sure that it’s not.

This man can make this horses do anything. They lay down, he rides them bear back, they bow, role over and there are also dogs included in the whole performance. The horses are so friendly with the dogs as we can see from the video, where the horseman makes the horses to lay on the ground and rest, while the dogs are sitting on the horse’s back without getting any resistance from them. Clearly, they are good friends and they trust each other.

At the end of the performance the horse gets a kiss from his best friend, the horseman. That’s the moment of the show when everybody are amazed from their love and friendship. Once again the nature showed us the connection between man and animals. You just gotta set the right communication.