Love, Care And Respect, Secrets To Training A Horse Perfectly!


All her life, Sandra Beaulieu has spent it amazingly in the creation of wonderful dances with her horses.

In the footagebelow, you can appreciate the vital and unbelievable connection that she got with horse. You will not stop watching the footage, from the time she spreads her wings and raises her hands, until the end.

Together with her powerful music, she has worked on her passion which is horse riding, with the help of the refined assistances that she gets. For 15 years, she had learned on how to ride horses of all sizes, breeds, and temperaments, at a professional dressage academy
In the world of dressage dancing, she has taken it to another level, by employing her most powerful and gentle training skills. This guarantees the horse to have a positive experience just as the rider, as she always rides with, bit less tether bareback pad, or sometimes without a tether, because all the horses are showed with love and respect that they are worth of.

The first time that she mounts Douwe, a 13 year old horse, it’s the same time that she performs
“Wings of Isis” dancing style without a halter, because she is well trained.

Ever seen when a horse and a human being become one spiritually? It is a really pleasing work done by her. We all hope that she endeavors in her passion and work.

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