Line Up, Horses! Now See What Happens With These Four Before The Cameras. So Brilliant!


When the Budweiser Clydesdales debuted into the Super Bowl commercials about 3 decades ago, people were wowed, but that doesn’t compare to what you’re about to watch here.
The commercials vary from the horseskicking some balls on a football field or going about a snowball war, and it’s always a good moment whenever they’re aired. In this clip, you get something special. You get to see what happens as these animals train for the commercials.
Of course they have to train intensively in order to deliver powerfully, and one Robin Wiltshire and his beautiful wife, Cate, are the people making it happen. At Dubois, WY, they ran the Turtle Ranchwhere the horses are trained.
Robin is a smart guy, and he knows that if he motivates the smart horses using a reward system, they will be the best, so he does just that. A horse performs well in the training, and in return, the good animal gets lots of love and pampering.He also has a brilliant dog that helps him with things like getting the horses ready for the shooting. Perfect!
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