Horses Blowing Bubbles Under The Water Surface


You may see horses who love to swim, but I’m sure that you’ve never seen a thing like in the video below. So take a closer look and watch how those two horses had their few minutes of joy in the water. The video was filmed in Osgoode, Ontario and according to the owner, those two horses are by the water every day during the hotest days in the summer.

They really loved that daily ritual, because during that time they get a chance to rest their legs and the water helps them to relax their legs, after standing all day. A really funny thing is the moment when the horses dunk their heads under the water and blow bubbles.

Looks like they have a lot of fun while doing that!It’s a lovely video to watch , so we recommend you not to miss it. Horses are amazing creatures and seeing them as happy as this it’s a great pleasure. They deserve only the best!