Horses Are Special Creatures, This Free Rider Proves Everything!


Alycia Burton did not graduate from high school. She believed that she could make a wonderful career training horses, without any formal training by using her talent to bond with horses. She followed her dream and has not been disappointed ever since. In the video below, she meets a horse that is considered dangerous and few have dared to ride it. They believe it might just send them tumbling to death if they try to do something out of the ordinary that mostly people like doing with big powerful horses.
She starts by letting the horse to be comfortable with her before she finally takes the next step of riding the horse. She makes sure the horse trusts her completely to know that she is not there to harm it or do extra uncomfortable work. She now travels all over New Zealand doing the same. What is your experience with horses? Have you ever had an accident with a horse that made you be afraid to ride it?