All This Horse Was Waiting For Was Death, Then She Did Something… What An Angel!


Whenever breeding rings and factory farming are discussed, most of us think of dogs, chicken and cows. If you have never known, horses are also bred and it is quite unfortunate that there are some who are left to die.

Most of them do the killing based on whether it can race or not. The death of these innocent horses is supported by those who bet on racehorses. There is a lot of money generated from the horse racing industry and that means most breeders will do whatever they can to ensure a lot of foals are given birth to by the mares.

It is not possible for female horses (mares) to give birth to foals while they are nursing the newborns and the breeders go ahead and do the unthinkable. Since not all horses will end up as racehorses, that means some are born to die.

One woman has been doing everything to protect the adorable babies. From the time when Victoria was 12 years of age, she has always been doing her best to rescue horses. Back in 2008, she founded the Last Chance Corral, an organization that rescues the unwanted colts.

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