This Horse Race Ends Up With Big Surprise !


While you watch the video below, once again you will come to a conclusion that, horse races are unpredictable until the end. The start of the horse race is always the same, but the finish brings a lot of surprises, just look at this race!

Four horses are fighting for the first place during the whole race, they are in front all of the time, not knowing what’s going on behind them. They’re only concerned about the finish of the race. But, surprise is coming from the back of the pack! A horse is running towards them from all the way back, he is flying beside every horse and taking the win. It was shocking, because he was behind the whole race and all of a sudden, he swinged wide to the outside and started to chase the first place. He did it, he passed every horse who was in front of him. Big congratulations to this brave and talented horse!