Horse and her Foal Make Amazing Recovery from Near-Death Freeze


For many, extreme cold is nothing more than a cold shower, or a snowy day while they’re under layers upon layers of clothing. However, this extraordinary horse went through much more than that. In January, Macy and her foal Loca were found freezing in an icy and snowing field.

She was shivering and literally freezing, and seemed to have lost all hope. When the veterinarian arrived, he discovered that her heartbeat was very weak, and her and her outlook was grim. Nevertheless, the horses were brought to a local emergency veterinary center, to receive life-saving treatment.

And, against all odds, they survived. They were then brought to Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Center in Norfolk to begin the rehabilitation process. It’s truly amazing to see how much the health of these horses has improved. Don’t forget share this video on Facebook, so that your friends can also experience this amazing story.