How To Help Your Horse While He Is Having Colic Episodes


The biggest nightmare of every horse owner is colic and it’s because it is a dreaded condition which occurs suddenly. It’s a life-threatening disease for the horses and the following video will show you how to help your animal when the colic is on point.

When a horse colics, first of all you must act quickly. That’s very important because mostly the horse’s survival depends on that. You must discover the colic episode as soon as you can, because that will prevent it from getting worse. After that you must contact a veterinarian, who is essential in the whole procedure, right after taking your horse’s vital signs.

The vet will inform you how serious the colic episode is and will tell you few options for medical treatment. It’s very important to avoid surgery if you can resolve the problem in other way. The surgery is also quit expensive, so not many owners can afford it.

There are few options that vets usually take to treat and relieve colic episodes. For example, administering pain medications, giving the horse a laxative which include mineral oil or Epsom salt. The laxative will help the horse’s digestive system to move on. Also they administer fluids in order to keep the horse hydrated. As last, he will give you some advice of how to monitor your horse and how to feed him in the future.