Gotan And His Rider Will Leave You Speechless!


In this video, you will the perfect performance from Dublin Horse Show in 2015 made by Cemence Faivre and her horse Gotan. This is such amazing performance and you can see how much training was put in this. The technique is totally perfect and elegant. Clemence Faivre, eminent equestrian craftsman, horsewoman and alchemist charms steeds. She has played out all around the globe. She proposes to equestrian occasions, the horse appears, hopping rivalries, celebration nights and unique occasions, exceptional equestrian exhibitions of Haute Ecole dressage and flexibility work. Her stallions are additionally the ideal models for motion pictures, publicizing movies, mold shows, and photograph sessions. Clémence Faivre additionally breeds staggering Lusitano stallions in Spain and proposes Masterclasses.