This Dog Won’t Leave His Best Horse Friend Behind


It’s Friday night and you want to partaay, but your friend’s on lockdown. That’s right, he caught sneaking out one to many times and now he can’t hang wit’ you. So what do you do? Well, most of us would just hang with our other friends, and probably make fun of the poor sap who got caught. But not this dog. This Standard Schnauzer’s best bud, a North Swedish Horse, is on lock down and he’s gonna stay right there with him.

Of course, the Schnauzer is getting some pretty good scratches out of the deal:

n fact, I’d say this dog sticks around because his dog buddies don’t give nearly as good back scratches as his horse bud.

North Swedish Horses are a small, heavy set horse from Sweden. In fact, they are Sweden’s only native breed according to the breed’s Association’s website. They are considered a light draft horse. They are known of being agility, easy to train and known for their good temperament.  

How cute are these two? I could watch them all day. It appears the horse next door might be a bit jealous of the duo – he looks like he wants some attention too. Does your horse have a best canine friend? Share a pic in the comments!