He Builds A Horse Retirement Farm, The Reason? I’m More Than Touched!


Have you ever seen the training of the racehorses? You will be shocked to see one, as it is an intense and complex workout which can make you nervous. But after all this training and competitions that the horses do, there comes a time when they retire due to old age. This is the time that they should be taken to live in a farm where that will be taken care of well until they die a natural death.

But surprisingly, this is not generally what happens to all racehorses when they retire from the competitions. The truth of the matter is that some horses are given a good retirement life, while others are sold to breed with other horses, a thing which is not clearly known to all of us how the breeding situations should be.

But as nature is, these horses will reach a time when they cannot breed due to old age. This is the time they will be taken to the slaughterhouse.

Good news is that there are people who have feelings like Michael Blowen. After hearing of the life these horses pass through, he founded a horse retirement farm called Old Friends Farm. Here, the retired horses are left to live a cool life until they die

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