She Always Thought Of Him As A Great Champion. Now See Where Her Faith Took Them. I Can’t Believe This!


When a kid starts nurturing some faith in something, it’s always something that means a lot to her. Again, you’ll not even try to get a child from believing in something already rooted in them, because you won’t make it. This is the story of Breana and the great MJB Faith.

Now, Breana is a nice kid who really loves horses, so much that even her daddy knew how much she would love to own one. So daddy got a horse for Breana, and that’s where the great journey began.

As you should expect, the kid always thought of her animal as the best horse ever, and she had great faith in him that he would one day become a strong champion. Of course most people shrugged it off. She didn’t even know so much about horses anyway.

And then they got shocked. MJB Faith finally started winning races, and kept winning them. In fact, he kept at it until everyone was all charmed up by his great performance.

This video highlights Breana’s strong relationship with her champion, and you’ll just love how these two relate. They’re truly a winning pair.

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