Abuse in the Show Ring


It’s disgusting what shows have become. People will do virtually anything to win a few bucks and a title. They’ll abuse their horses to the extent that they’ll die before getting the title. It’s become so common. 90% of the show horses I see are ridden into the ground, yanked on left and right, slowed down to the extent that they have to bob their heads just to make it through one stride.It’s sickening to watch a 2 yr old horse nearly lame because of the way it is being ridden. It’s sickening to see a horse get punched in the face because it threw it’s head it the air. It’s sickening to see a horse get yanked on to back up, to “move away from pressure”. A horse should WANT to be in your hands, it should WANT that contact, not be afraid of it.

Listen to the sound when the trainer is ripping on the horses face JUST to get him to back up. Look at the fear in his eyes.

These are just a few of the minor things, such as tail blocking, all the way to intentionally inflicting pain to make a horse move this way or that way.

Even top notch trainers have adopted these ways. Cleve Wells, a well known AQHA judge and trainer, was charged with excessive amounts of force (as seen in the video) and removed as a judge. Anky van Grunsven uses rollkur. It’s not the worst of them but it can cause permanent damage in the back, neck and respiratory track of a horse.

Just because top trainers ride a certain way doesn’t mean it’s not hurting a horse, not ruining a horse, and not breaking a horse from inside out.

These are just a few examples. There’s tons of different ways to show a horse, wrong or right. I’m just trying to open the eyes of people who aren’t aware.